Our view on Black Friday in Cyprus

We are not against Black Friday but we do not love it either. It’s a discount day and any discount is good for the consumers.

What we don’t like it is all this battling crowds of shoppers.

Cyprus has adopted this U.S sale tradition a couple of years ago. Is Black Friday in Cyprus a true Black Friday?
An American Black Friday offers huge discounts and lasts only one day. While in Cyprus is extended up to a week and the offers are not appealing. ”Up to” is also what describes the offers in Cyprus. And is not up to 80%! It became quickly noticeable that stores offer a small discount and only in selected products. Apart from a few big stores, it shows that most of the retailers are not willing
to low their prices. They just follow this marketing strategy so they don’t stay behind.

Nevertheless, Cypriots did visit the stores , waiting for a long time for them to open and rush in. That also cost increased traffic in the streets. Everyone was stuck in traffic whether they wanted to buy something or just going their way. Does all this traffic jams and delays worth it? We would like to note the proximity of Nicosia General hospital to the Nicosia mall. Long queue all day long, what if someone had to rush to the hospital? Ambulance uses certain shortcuts but citizen’s cars are not allowed to use those shortcuts. How well prepared is traffic police?

If you truly want to benefit from Black Friday you should choose carefully, plan what you want to buy and check the before and after price. Watch out of the fake discounts.

And if you do want to benefit from discounts but you hate the whole frenzy situation and love online shopping like we do and the comfort of your couch, then there are plenty of online Cyprus Friendly stores celebrating Black Friday to visit.

And don’t forget Cyber Monday as well!

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