Delivery services during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. The measures taken to combat the virus are affecting many aspects of our  every day life. We are confined at home, we e-teaching, e-learning, e-working and allowed to leave the house once a day after we get approval by sms.

Services such as supermarkets are adapting to this ban on circulation and also trying to limit direct human interaction by providing   delivery at home for anything you order.

Courier services   and post offices are on high demand at the moment.

The Cyprus Post Office is still working, although you may see that some local post offices are closed. Αs we have been informed the local post offices are open to the public with a schedule. Meaning that one day you may see your local post office closed by it may be open the next day. We were advised to check this schedule on their website before we visit or call 8000 2000, free of charge.

The Cyprus Post Office is offering their Quickstop which is the International Premium service with 20% discount because of the pandemic. Also, starting from Monday 6th of April , registered items will be available for contactless pick up from the Parcel24 systems, regardless if  the recipient is a subscriber. You can pick up your item from the Parcel24 P.O.Boxes  free of charge. For more information click here

Private courier services around the island continue to work normally.

But we wanted to express our thoughts about one particular though.

This viber message was sent out and it seemed legit, informing about ”an emergency situation surcharge” of 0.30 cent. What?! Isn’t this some kind of exploiting the current situation??

Message received on Viber from courier service in Cyprus

We sought to find publications in the press about it, but we found nothing in Cyprus press, neither in the company’s social media accounts. We think that this might have been withdrawn because we did find articles in Greek websites reporting surcharges of this certain company that consumers complaint about and the authorities were called to investigate. Apologies for not being able to provide the articles in english language

In times like that, such actions from companies are simply not altruistic.

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